Board of Directors: 
President: Shannon Orlandini
Vice President Baseball/Softball: Tim Cherry
Treasurer: Curtis Pickett
Co-Secretaries: Annette Dwyer and Angie Thomas
Charlie Whitehead
Nancy Redenius
Rob Thomas


Charlie Whitehead (Umpire in Charge)
Louis Monaco
John Thompson
Jr. Umpires:
Joseph Uecker
Tyler Uecker
Kevin Cherry
Cole Parks

Players Agent: Louis Monaco

Safety Officer: Nancy Redenius


Tee ball: Mary and Connor Dingman, Liz Schoeppe

Minors: Manager Phillip Lorraine, Coaches: Ed Fraizer and Chad Stevison

Major Boys: Manager Rob Thomas, Coaches: Mike Dwyer, Matt Frana

Minor Girls: Manager Alexa Cherry, Coach Kim West 

Major Girls: No Team

Senior Girls: Manager Tim Cherry and Coach Beth Cherry

Senior Boys: Manager Rick Loughrey, Coach Joseph Uecker